transcend into bed

by pooka

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a few songs i posted on youtube before , compiled for easy download ! i always considered re-recording , but never did . the little mistakes i make here & there show that most of these were done in one take , at 4am , in my teensy bedroom .


released April 4, 2015

a boy , who was pretty cool .
my parents , for buying me my first guitar



all rights reserved


pooka Ireland

i like salted peanuts, tea, and constantly acting like its 2005.

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Track Name: lets get dinner
i couldnt sleep because your number buzzed around my head
and everything seemed so wrong since you werent in my bed
so excuse this late phone call i didnt think you would be asleep
i just need to sya what i wanted to say ever since we did meet

do you wanna go get dinner tomorrow night?
i mean i know it sounds crazy but i think youre who ive been looking for
my whole life
and yes its late and no im not drunk
im simply starstruck because
i really think we should go get dinner tomorrow night
around seven

i hear you click your tongue down the other end
and i hold my breathe close my eyes hoping for a yes
the seconds seem so long and im so scared im so wrong
but you yawn and repeat after me ;
Track Name: i am a spooky ghost
i am a spooky ghost ill move your things at home
but dont try and move me
i was here first

i wount try and hurt you ill turn off your lights at night when youre tired
and give you a scary halloween
if you want just ask me

ill bring my zombie friends we wont trash the place
because in afterlife it just like life
all my friends are still pretty lame

and im sorry im not like the ghost in poltergeist
but i could try. i could try.

oOoOoOo, im haunting you because youre cute but im a ghoul.

i am a spooky ghost i cant even float
when strangers are
looking at me.

i am a poor excuse for a scare
because most people dont realise
im there.

and you look really pretty in the morning
(i see you everyday)
(i dont look at you in a creepy way)

if i had a body i think id like to touch yours, like
your hands or your face
or your neck or your waist.
Track Name: static stars
you make me feel static stars in my head .

you are the monster in my bed .
Track Name: it is easy , being pretentious
im too cynical for eyes of jewels.
watched the queen of tv lead off by jacks & fools.
the ceiling is my sky.
that way ill always be high.

the floor is too far away.
im too proud to ask you to stay.
i think ive blood on my hands.
doubting youd ever understand.

everything feels bad.

can only play four chords.
the anthem for kids feeling bored.
and winter goes so fast.
i thought maybe we could last.

everything feels bad.
Track Name: sheets
its real cold again
first time seeing you out about as just friends
hows your mother anyways?
i can feel the elephant in the room
but i cant help but feed the fire the fuel
of awkward conversation pretending like we
never happened

and i feel the breath catch in my neck
and i try so hard not to say next

im sorry i think i met you before
maybe on the street or on my bedroom floor
making promises i could obviously never keep
but hey on the brightside your smell is still on my sheets

you laugh
not a real laugh
at my jokes and anecdotes about home life my strife my worries and my days
and its weird because i never know what to say

and i can still feel your breath on my neck
and i try so hard not to say next

you say "hey i recognise the shirt on your back"
and i say "yeah its yours i forgot to give it back"
you say "well then. just keep it. i dont want it.

any more."

Track Name: today is gonna be great
get out of bed sleepy head
or youll let the morning pass by
get some coffee wake yourself up
right now is the start of the rest of your life

say nice things about everybody
(this includes yourself)
try your best and eat nice things
and dont be scared to ask for help

bc i dont know why but i think today is gonna be great!

put those bad thoughts in a drawer
and abandon it out on distant shores
think only of films with funny stories
and give someone you love all of your rubies

kiss them all over their nose
bc you might be gone tomorrow, who NOSE?! [[PUN]]
but i know that i love you right now
so dont worry about it,
wanna go out ????